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Thomas Hague b. 1864 "Story Page"

Thomas Hague
   Thomas Hague is the great-grandfather of Donna Hague Blinn.  Thomas H. Hague's son, Leonard Hague (Sr.), came to Rhode Island.  Leonard was Donna's grandfather.

Born:    July 19, 1864 Barley Croft Newton. District Newton & Godley
Parents:            William Hague & Hannah (Thorp) M: Sept 5, 1848
Siblings:            Selina Hague Smith B: May 4, 1852
            Joseph Hague B: December 30, 1861
            Sarah Hague B: June 17, 1866
`           James Hague B: January 19, 1870
            Hannah Hague Horsefield B: August 28, 1874              
Married:           November 29, 1890 – Agnes Bancroft
St. George’s Church~Parish of New St. George’s~Stalybridge
Discharged:      August 3, 1893 with certificate of good character.
Died:                April 24, 1937 11 Friendship Yard~
Huddersfield Rd. Stalybridge
Buried: St. Paul’s with daughter Annie Hilton & son-in-law Walter Hilton                        Grave No. R.26G.103

Thomas Hague was born to William & Hannah (Thorp/e) Hague.  At 16 years old, although he gave his age as 18, he joined the Black Watch Regiment at York in 1881.  His obituary lists his many accomplishments during his years in the military service including his war medals for his battles of engagement. 

The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) was the first kilted regiment in the British Army and the first to introduce the bagpipe.  It’s the oldest regiment and dates back to 1624 when the government of the day felt they needed to “keep a check on the wild clansmen.”

In 1889, at about 25 years old, Thomas returned to civil life.  In November, 1890 he married Agnes Bancroft, cotton box tenter, who had a 3-year-old child named Louisa (Louise) Bancroft. 

Thomas served with the Stalybridge Police Borough for a short time. Thomas and Agnes had 6 children together ~ William, John, James, Annie, Leonard & Alice. All immigrated to America except for his daughter Annie with whom he is buried.  John Hague was killed in WWI.

Thomas died at 72 year old of bronchopneumonia, hemiplegia (left) and cerebral thrombosis, in the presence of his son-in-law, Walter Hilton who was living at 11 Friendship Yard.  Thomas’ place of burial in St. Paul’s churchyard in Stalybridge is reputedly the largest church burial ground in England but fell into decay and all monuments were removed around 2000.

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