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John Hague b. 1893 "Story Page"

John Hague
  -- The great uncle of Donna Hague Blinn.  Donna's grandfather, Leonard Hague b. 1898 England, d. 1958 Pawtucket, RI was brother to this John Hague who died in France during WWI--

 Born: March 14, 1893 ~ 4 Swallows Yard, Stalybridge
 Marriage: Not Married.
 World War I ~ 1914 –1918   
  (War declared August 14, 1914.  Peace declared: June 28,1919)
 Died: September 1916 in World War I
  Burial Place: France. Unknown grave. Name on Thiepval Wall

John Hague was the second son born to Thomas and Agnes Hague: he was born 2 years after their first son, William. His father’s profession was listed as a Borough Policeman/Stalybridge on John’s birth record.

In the 1901 Census, John was listed among all the children living with Thomas & Agnes; he was 8 years old at the time of this census. Prior to obtaining the March, 1901 census out of Stalybridge, it was unknown that John was yet another child within the Thomas Hague family and many mysteries still remain unsolved on John’s life.

In searching for a copy of his death record, England’s Tameside Registrar’s office has searched the Stalybridge death indexes from 1901- 1916 and they found no record of his death.  They also further researched the area of Ashton where a local hospital was located and found no death record from 1901-1910.

Grenadier Guards 1915

In October of 2003, when I connected with Delia Martin (great granddaughter of Thomas Hague), documents and photos became available in which it became apparent that John Hague had served as a Guardsman in the Grenadier Guards for the British Military during the Great War.

Leonard Hague Sr. (John’s brother) did not often talk about John when reminiscing about his brothers and sisters back in England. However, Gloria seems to recall a brief mention of his name by Grandpa (Leonard Hague, Sr.) at some point in time where he stated: “…and then there was my brother, John.”

The photos of John are not dated except for the one dated “1918” where it is speculated that John is shown in the back row (4th from the left). This was based on the facial features and hairstyle when compared to another photo of John.  However, John died 10 Sept 1916 in the Battle of the Somme in France in: he was killed next to his brother, William Hague. Newspaper article tells of this event. Perhaps the photo date is 1913. With this original photo in the family archives, it assuredly means a family member is in this photo.

In 1920 his father, Thomas Hague, received a scroll commemorating John’s duty to his country.  There is also a memorial document from Buckingham Palace signed by King George noting “a brave life given for others in the Great War

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