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John Hagues: Taxidermist & Pencil Makers of Providence, RI

Pat Berry wrote messages on Rootsweb.  I've arranged her message to be in chronological order and added the generation numbers.  Please let me hear any comments about this  I think Pat's family and the family with Anastasia Hague are differet-- Need more help on this!!!,  Thanks Donna Hague Wendt:

31 July 2010
from:  patriciaberry38   
Hello Donna
The HAGUE's from our family who went to Rhode Island from Ashton-under-Lyne were:-

1. JOHN HAGUE born 1802 in Ashton-under-Lyne and MARY (don't know her maiden name yet),   John Hague was a Hatter.  THOMAS HAGUE was his son.
2.  THOMAS HAGUE born 1822 & SARAH ANN GREAVES born 1821 of Ashton-under-Lyne.  THOMAS HAGUE was a Shoemaker and he died in 1889 in Ashton-under-Lyne.  SARAH ANN (GREAVES) HAGUE died in 1870 in Ashton-under-Lyne.
 AMERICAN IMMIGRANTS:JOHN WILLIAM HAGUE, MARY ELIZABETH (HAGUE) NOKE & CHARLES THOMAS HAGUE were the children of THOMAS HAGUE.  Before going to Rhode Island JOHN WILLIAM, MARY ELIZABETH & CHARLES THOMAS were all Weavers in the Cotton Mills in Ashton-under-Lyne.    Their last address before leaving for Rhode Island was Alexandra Street, Ashton-under-Lyne.    They had a sister ALICE ANN (my G Grandmother) who died in 1882 in LiverpoolThey also had a sister HANNAH VICTORIA who married JOHN LEES (Coal Miner) who lived at 15 Kenyon Street, Ashton-under-Lyne from at least 1891-1911. She stayed in Ashton-under-Lyne, died there sometime after 1911.

    3. JOHN WILLIAM HAGUE born 1848 in Ashton-under-Lyne. He went in 1887.  He remained single and lived mostly with his sister Mary Elizabeth and her family. He died on 27 March 1914 in Cranston RI.

NOKE born 1857 in Ashton-under-Lyne went in 1889 with daughter HANNAH and sons CHARLES & HARRY. MARY ELIZABETH lived in Providence RI and died on 5 July 1926.

    3. CHARLES THOMAS HAGUE born 1865 in Liverpool but lived in Ashton-under-Lyne from 1867 went in 1890.  CHARLES THOMAS HAGUE lived in Providence and died on 19 January 1934.   EDITH ANNIE HAYES must have been a girl-friend of CHARLES THOMAS HAGUE as they married in December 1890 in Lawrence, Massachusetts before going to Providence, Rhode Island to live where Charles's sister Mary Elizabeth and brother John William were living.  EDITH ANNIE HAYES born 1866 in London but lived with her Uncle in Currier Lane Ashton-under-Lyne went in 1889.

I have noticed on some of their certificates from Rhode Island that the names ANASTASIA HAGUE & MAY HAGOPIN appear. We do not know who these people are.
Hoping that there may be a connection to someone else in Rhode Island.
Regards, Pat Berry,
On Rootsweb   9/21/10
Hi Pat, 
  Thanks for the wealth of information on your Hagues that came to Rhode Island.  It will be fun to see if they connect with anyone else's Hagues.  I did some searching for the Anastasia Hague family - love her name - and used information from the census and burial records ( and RI Genweb).  I think I can put together that family as a group -- BUT I can be wrong and am very open to suggestions and corrections -- Donna

--24 Oct 2010:
Now that I look at everything more closely, I am thinking that Pat noticed the name John Hague and is assigning him to her family.  The unique name of Anastasia belongs to the family of John H. Hague, Sr. who arrived in Rhode Island by 1860's.  His son, John H. Hague, Jr. married Anastasia Glasheen of Irish parents.  The coincidental finding about all this is that Pat's family and John H. Hague, Sr. and wife Mary Ann are buried in Cranston, RI.  I'm wondering if these families are related????

I've looked at the John Hagues and have compiled what is probably the Family of John H. Hague, Sr., who was born abt 1815, a taxidermist. who married Mary Ann Hague.  Comments please?:

PROVIDENCE, RI - family of John H. Hague, Sr. (using census & FindAGrave)
1.John H. Hague, Sr.  b. 31 Aug 1815; England; d. 23 Dec 1894  (burial rec)  Taxidermist  Pocasset Cem. ProvCo RI
  + Mary Ann Hague  b. 16 Sep 1821;  died 31 Aug 1883  (burial Pocasset Cem, Cranston RI )
     2. Elizabeth Hague b. abt 1848  died 13 Sep 1850 (must be dau of John & Mary Ann? RI Death online)?????????
Rhode Island Deaths, 1630-1930
Name: Elizabeth Hague   Relation: d. Death Date: 13 Sep 1850   Age: 2 yrs
Kin 1: John Hague        Kin 2: Jane Shaw
1865  May   Rhode Island Tax List  Div 5 Dist 1?
Hague, John 16 Palmer, Income
Hague, Samuel  5 Palmer, Income
1864, 1866,  Rhode Island Tax List   Div 8, Dist 1
John H. Hague   20 Union St.
  Retail Dealer in Liquor    [must be father of John H. Hague, Jr.-dw]
Rhode Island Deaths, 1630-1930
Name: John H Hague          (must be Sr.)
Kin 1: Sarah Hague         [Sarah might be his daughter?]
Kin 2: Sophie Hague       [Sophie might be his daughter?]
Death Date: 23 Dec 1894        Age: 79 yrs   eg b. abt 1815
1. John H. Hague, Jr.  b. Jul 1845 b.RI; Parents b. England; married; occ: Pencil Maker  [b. Jun. 28, 1846 d. Mar. 27, 1908 Burial Pocasset Cem,Cranston, Prov RI]   [married to Anastasia Glasheen on 7 Jul 1873 in RI]
  +  Anastasia. [Glasheen] Hague  b.abt 1850; b. RI; wife; Parents b.Ireland; occ: keeping house; married-6 children/2 died by 1910
      2.  James W. Hague  b. Jul 1874;  b. RI; son   [ -died 1902 28yr] pencil maker  (census says James N)    [b. Jul. 15, 1874 d. Apr. 17, 1902   Burial Pocasset Cem,Cranston, ProvRI] 
     2.  Edward Hague   b. 30 Oct 1876; b. RI; son   [- died 12 Sep 1908 age 32yr] pencil maker
     2.  Mary E. Hague b. Dec 187; b. RI; dau  [ - occ: bookkeeper / sch transportation
     2.  Maude Hague  b. Oct 1880; b.RI; dau; single; occ: stenographer / RR Transportation  -[ b. Oct. 29, 1880 d. Oct. 12, 1926 Burial Pocasset Cem,Cranston, ProvRI]
      2.  Sarah Hague  b. Jun 1883 b.RI; dau; single; Occ: stenographer / storage?
      2. John Hague  b. May 1885 b. RI; son; single; Occ: Purser/SS Transportation Co.   Address 1883:  317 Broadway, Providence, RI

1861-1865?  Civil War Pension Index 1861-1934
James W. Hague – state Files: Rhode Island: 
   Mother: Anastasia Hague
[could the Civil War veteran have been John H. Hague, Jr., and this index is noting James W. Hague as a dependant of the veteran??]
Rhode Island Marriages, 1636-1930  (
Spouse 1: Anastasia Glasheen
Spouse 2: John H. Hague
Marriage Date: 7 Jul 1873

Rhode Island Births, 1636-1930:
Edward Hague   30 Oct 1876
              Parent1= John H Hague Jr      Parent2=Anastasia Hague 
Rhode Island Deaths, 1630-1930 (
John Hague       Death Date: 27 Mar 1908;   Age: 61 yrs  [b.abt 1847]
Kin 1: John H Hague
Kin 2: Mary A Hague 

Rhode Island Deaths, 1630-1930::                                                                          
Edward Hague  Death date:  12 Sep 1908  Age:   31 yrs     {b.abt 1877-dw}
               Kin1= John Hague   Kin2= Anastasia Hague 
Rhode Island Deaths, 1630-1930  (
Anastasia Hague    wid     Death Date: 27 Jan 1920    Age: 71 yrs [b.abt1849]
Kin 1: John Hague
Kin 2: May Hagopin
1860 United States Federal Census   Providence Ward 7, Providence, Rhode Island
John Hague   45  b.abt 1815; b. England   (Sr)
Mary A Hague 40  b.abt 1820
John Hague    14   b.abt 1846                     (Jr)
Sarah E Hague 9   b.abt 1851
Mary Low          22 b.abt 1838                     (maybe a married daughter?)
William H Low 1/12 b.abt 1860

1870 United States Federal Census   Providence Ward 8, Providence, Rhode Island
Post Office: Providence
  John H Hague  (Sr.) 52  b.abt 1818; b. England; RE $4,000/ PE$15000; occ: taxidermist
  Mary A Hague 50  b. abt 1820; b. England;  occ: keeping house
  John H Hague (Jr.)  23 b.abt 1847; b.RI  occ:  works in jewelry manuf.
  Sarah E Hague 19 b.abt 1851; b.RI  occ: works in cotton mill

1880 United States Federal Census   Providence, Providence, Rhode Island   Pg26 & 27
John Hague       34  b.abt 1846 b.RI; Parents b. England; married; occ: Pencil Maker
Anna S. Hague  30  b.abt 1850; b. RI; wife; Parents b.Ireland; occ: keeping house; married
James Hague      5  b.abt 1875; b. RI; son
Edward Hague    3  b.abt 1877; b. RI; son
Mary E. Hague     1  b.abt 1879; b. RI; dau

1900 United States Federal Census   Providence Ward 8, Providence, Rhode Island 
John Hague  54  b.Jul 1845 b.RI; Parents b. England; occ: Pencil Maker; Rents home; not employed 12 months
  Anastasia Hague 52 b. Mar 1848 b. RI; wife; Parents b. Ireland; mother of 6 children/ 6 living; Married 26 years (md about 1874)
  James N Hague [James W. Hague looks to me-dw]   25  b.July 1874; b. RI; son; occ: pencilmaker not employed 9 months
  Edward Hague 23  b.Oct 1876; b. RI; son: occ: pencilmaker: unemployed zero months
  Mary E Hague 21 b. b. Dec 1878; b.RI; dau; single; occ: typewriter: unemp zero months
  Maud Hague  19  b.Oct 1880; b.RI; dau; single; occ: typewriter; unemp. Zero mo.
  Sarah Hague 16  b. Jun 1883 b.RI; dau; single; Occ: at school
  John Hague   15  b. May 1885 b. RI; son; single; Occ: Errand Boy; unemp zero months.

John has died, and Edward and James may have died or departed, according to 1910 census below:
1910 United States Federal Census   Providence Ward 8, Providence, Rhode Island
Anastasia Hague 62 b.abt 1848; b.RI; Widowed;  head of house; Parents b. Ireland-English speaking; 6 children / 4 alive
Mary E Hague 31 b.abt 1879;  single; b. RI;    occ: bookkeeper / Sch Transportation
Maude Hague 29 b.abt 1881;   single; b. RI;    occ: stenographer  / RR Transportation
Sarah Hague 27  b.abt 1883;   single; b. RI;    occ: Copy holder / printing house
John Hague   24  b.abt 1886;    single; b. RI;   occ: Purser(?) / S.S. Transportation Co (?)

1920 United States Federal Census   Providence Ward 8, Providence, Rhode Island
Anastia Hague 68 b.abt 1852;  b.RI; Widowed; Head of House; Parents b. RI; rents home
Maude Hague 38 b.abt 1882; b.RI; single; occ: stenographer  / Brokers (?)
Sarah Hague 34  b. abt 1886; b.RI; single;  occ: stenographer / Storage(?)
Mary Burns 40  b.abt 1880; b.Ireland; Parents b. Ireland-speak English;  widowed; immig 1888; naturalized; occ: housekeeper / private family.

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