Sunday, October 24, 2010

Elizabeth Hague Pearson of Pawtucket

Frank Pearson entered the following information into the "Hagues of Rhode Island" thread I started on Rootsweb Message Board  in July and September 2010
"One of my ancestors is ELIZABETH HAGUE. Her birth was April 10, 1838 in Hanley, Yorkshire, England. Her father's name was James Hague. His occupation was "reed maker"; this probably refers to a part of weaving machines in factories. She married Daniel Pearson 22 Aug 1858 in St. Michael's Church, Ashton Under Lyne, England. In 1884 she and her family migrated to Pawtucket, Rhode Island, R.I. They had many descendants in R.I.; one of them is married to Mrs. Celano, a very nice and skilled amateur genealogist, who tracked down some of this information.     - Frank Pearson"
My only information is that James Hague was a reed maker (I think that was a job in the textile mills) in England. He had at least one child, Elizabeth Hague, who was born April 10, 1838 in Hanley, Yorkshire, England. Elizabeth Hague married Daniel Pearson 22 Aug 1858 in St. Michael's Church, Ashton Under Lyne, England (I think that is an Anglican [Church of England] church).
Elizabeth (nee Hague) Pearson had several children, including Samuel Pearson (born 03 May 1875) who was my grandfather. Elizabeth (nee Hague) Pearson and her husband, Daniel moved to Rhode Island with their children. Elizabeth (nee Hague) Pearson and her children arrived in 1884 in Pawtucket, R.I. and lived there. I know that at least one of her sons (my grandfather) worked in a factory or factories in Pawtucket and/or the surrounding communities, such as Providence, and I think it very likely that several Pearsons lived in or near Pawtucket and worked in factories there.   - Frank
This is an outline from what Frank said:
James Hague   reed maker
    +  ?
Elizabeth Hague  b. 10 Apr 1838 Hanley, Yorkshire, Eng
   + Daniel Pearson   md 22 Aug 1858 St Michael’s Church, Ashton Under Lyne
    Immig 1884  to Pawtucket, RI    (one descendant md to Mrs Celano, genealogist)

Frank - It's interesting that my James Hague b. 1805 was married in 1830 and 1844 at  St Michael's Parish Church, according to the certificates he lived at Mottram-in Longdendale, in Cheshire - now called simply Mottram.  Perhaps many of the Hagues of this Parish came to Rhode Island because they knew others of the Parish who had immigrated, and wanted to come to the same area. My James Hague immigrated to the US about 1848.
   Interestingly there was an Edward Hague in the 1883, 1884 and 1885 City Directories of Providence, RI,  that was listed as a "Reed Maker"    I don't know if Frank's "James Hague, reed maker," ever immigrated to the USA   - Donna Hague Wendt

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