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William Hague b. 1891 "Story Page"

   William Hague was the brother of Donna Hague Blinn's grandfather, Leonard Hague (Sr.).  Leonard and William came to the USA.

Born:              April 1, 1891 ~ 4 Swallows Yard, Stalybridge, England
Married:          May 26, 1917 ~ to Alice Walker in England.
Married:          May 19, 1921 ~ to Sarah Smith, Smith
Married:          August 5, 1944 ~ to Lily, Hurst, Webster
Died:               June 10, 1949 while visiting 38/40 Hope St.-Home of Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Grimshaw
Buried:           Moshassuck Cemetery with 2nd wife Sarah Smith Smith Hague.
 2 rows behind Ernest & Arthur Howles plot.   Father & Brother of Iva Howles Hague.
William was the first child born to Thomas and Agnes Hague (“Haigh” on his birth record) of Stalybridge. William was the 2nd  child birthed by Agnes.   (Agnes had a daughter, Louisa aka: Louise) in 1887 prior to her marriage to William’s father, Thomas Hague).    The marriage of Thomas and Agnes took place on November 29, 1890 and about 4 months later William was born on 01 April 1891,

It’s assumed they named their first son after Thomas’ father who was also William Hague.  William Hague had a listed profession as a private grenadier guard & cloth dyer on his 1917 marriage record and served in World War 1 as a corporal in the Grenadier Guards of the British per his obituary notice in the Pawtucket Times. 

At approximately 26 years old on May 26, 1917, William married Alice Walker, a cotton frame tenter, (also 26 yrs. old) at Mount Olivet Chapel, Stalybridge.   Alice was the daughter of a coal dealer, John Walker.  William was living at 121 Grasscroft Street, the home of his parents, and Alice was from 21 Ashley Street, both in Stalybridge.  The witnesses were J. Hague and A. Hague: it is assumed these witnesses were his brother James Hague and either his sister Annie or Alice Hague.  The records held in Central Falls, RI indicate that William and Alice eventually divorced.    Four years after his first marriage, William then married a divorced woman named Sarah (Smith) Smith ~ her maiden name and married name were both Smith.  The Justice of the Superior Court married William and Sarah in Pawtucket on May 19, 1921.  William was then about 30 years old. 

William Hague, a machinist, died on June 10, 1949 at approximately 58 years old of coronary thrombosis and passed away unexpectedly while visiting the home of Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Grimshaw of 38 Hope Street, Pawtucket.   His usual residence was 229 East Street, Pawtucket.  Buglers at his funeral sounded taps.  He was a member of Post 88, Canadian Legion and a marker reflecting this is placed at his grave in Moshassuck.  No children were born from any of William’s three marriages (per Gloria). 
    Note:  William Hague could not have come to America 39 years  prior to his death in 1949 as written in his Obit.   In 1910 he was about 19 years old and most likely would have still been in England.
  --William married Alice Walker in 1917 in Stalybridge, England. In 1921, he married Sarah Smith Smith in America.

Sarah Smith Smith Hague
B:        January 22, 1885 - England
M:        May 19, 1921 in Pawtucket, RI
D:        December 30, 1943 (58 years old)Buried: Moshassuck Cemetery under William Hague/single plot  William’s 2nd wife, Sarah, was born in 1885 so she was about 6 years older than William.  She was divorced from her first husband.  Her parents were James Smith and Catherine Logan both of England.  At the time of the marriage between William and Sarah both were listed as residing at 4 Liberty Street (off Hunt St. in Central Falls, RI.  This was the same residence as Leonard Hague Sr. at the time he arrived from England to live with his brother William until Leonard married Iva in 1926. Iva was living on 76 Earle St. .  Sarah was a weaver and William a spinner and the name/occupations of their fathers on their marriage certificate showed Thomas Hague/gas worker and James Smith (her father) as deceased.    Sarah was remembered as being a nice person and loved by Leonard & Iva. They would often visit Sarah & William on Liberty Street.
.  William & Sarah were listed as the witnesses at Leonard & Iva’s wedding.  Sarah Smith Smith Hague died on December 30, 1943 (buried on January 2, 1944) at approximately 58 years old.  She died at 4 Liberty Streetbut her resident address was 29 East Street, Pawtucket, RI.  I’m not sure who would have been then living at
4 Liberty Street , the place of Sarah’s death as both she and William had moved to East Street in Pawtucket.  She died of coronary thrombis, chronic myocarditis.  Sarah is buried underneath William Hague in Moshassuck Cemetery, in Central Falls, RI.
Eight months after the death of Sarah, William married a widow named Lily Hurst Webster.  Gloria believes William may have met Lily at the British Canadian Legion Club in Pawtucket, RI. 

 Lily Hurst Webster Hague
B:        January 6, 1893 in England
M:        Mr. Webster – marriage information unknown
M:        William Hague ~ August 5, 1944 in Pawtucket.
D:        after June 1949 (exact date unknown)
Buried: Moshassuck Cemetery, Central Falls, RI with her first husband Charles Webster.
Lily was born on January 6, 1893 as the daughter of Ralph Hurst and June all of England.  Lily was about 51 years old and a weaver when she married William Hague (53 yrs old), a lathe hand.  Both of their fathers were deceased when they married in Pawtucket/Baptist.  There is no recollection or photos of Lily, but Gloria believes Lily & William met at the Canadian Legion Club in Pawtucket, RI

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