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Do you know a Hague who lived in Rhode Island?

To begin with, I'm going to start adding information I've collected about my Hague family in Rhode Island, and I'll add other information that I've found.  Donna Hague Blinn will also be contribution author, if we can get it all organized.
    I am not considering the data that we write here as to be written in stone, because we want this site to be a working site, with input from others.  The information is given to be scrutinized and corrected if needed.  If you look through the Family Trees posted on the internet you'll undoubtedly see obvious errors where people have automatically combined other's trees with theirs.  Hopefully, by talking things out here we can get to the best answers that the evidence suggests.  Here we can "kick it around." 
       I'm in the process of obtaining certificates from Cheshire, England, now, and I think I've made the jump back from Rhode Island to where James Hague came from.   I have a Hague Family History Site (Family Tree) of sourced data on my family on which is evolving to be a pretty good source of factual information, and I welcome corrections there.  We're always discovering new information.
       Let's see how this blog evolves!  Donna Hague Wendt

Tombstone of James Hague -- Berwick, Delaware Twp, Polk Co., Iowa
Outline Descendant Report for James * Hague
1 James * Hague b: 07 Dec 1805 in England, Cheshire, Lancashire, d: 02 Dec 1871 near Berwick in Delaware Township, Polk Co.Iowa.  He immigrated from England to USA about 1848 and settled in RI

...... + Mary Ann Barker m: 13 Sep 1830 --I've just discovered Mary Ann and am working on more info.
...... + Elizabeth* Barker b: 19 Aug 1813 in England, m: 1844 in England, d: 27 Dec 1893 near Berwick in Delaware Township, Polk Co.Iowa; age 80

............2 Ann Hague b: Abt. 1832 in England, d: Aft. 1880 prob in Iowa.  insane asylum?

............ + Stephen Noblett b: 1830 in England, Clitheroe Lancashire, BamberBridge maybe, m: Abt. 1855, d: Abt. 1874 in NY, Hughsonville, Dutchess Co. maybe.  Married #2 Mary ------ and moved east after settling first in Delaware Township, Polk Co., Iowa
............2.  Elizabeth Hague b. abt 1833?  Not sure if this is daughter, but in the 1841 census with family, then disappears, so perhaps she died in England before family immigrated to US abt 1848?

............2 Edward Hague b: Bet. 1834–1837 in England,   I've lost trace of Edward after the 1870 census in Rhode Island with his parents and siblings.  Did he die there?  Did he Move to New York?

............2 John Hague b: Aug 1838 in England  d: 12 May 1913 in IA, Berwick, Polk Co

............ + Rachel Ellen Lewis b: Aug 1853 in IA, m: 21 Apr 1887 in IA, Polk Co, d: 12 Feb 1916 in KS, Lawrence

............2 Joseph H. Hague b: 09 Mar 1841 in  Dukinfield, Cheshire, England d: 08 Sep 1922 in IA, Des Moines, PolkCo Civil War Co F-47thInf

............ + Mary Ann Rowe b: 20 Aug 1844 in IN, m: 11 May 1864 in IA, Des Moines, Polk Co, d: 14 May 1907 in IA, Des Moines, Polk Co

............ + Mary Jane Morgan b: 10 Mar 1845 in NC, Stokes Co, m: 20 Apr 1910 in Des Moines, Polk Co., IA, d: 01 Jul 1931 in IA, Des Moines, Polk Co

............2 Alice Hague b: Apr 1844 in England, d: 04 Dec 1924 in IA, Polk Co. Hospital.

............ + Rev Robert Gibson b: Bet. Jul 1834–Jul 1836 in England m: 01 Aug 1866 in IA, Des Moines, Polk Co, d: Apr 1918 in IA prob. Buried IA

............2 Mary Ann Hague b: 11 Dec 1846 in England d: Bet. 11 Apr 1927–1928 in Iowa

............ + William Henry Elliott b: 26 Dec 1849 in IA, Berwick, Polk Co., m: 31 Dec 1871 in IA, Polk Co, Divorced by 1880

............2 Hannah B. Hague b: Bet. 10 Jan 1846–10 Dec 1847 in England, maybe Ashton-Under-Lyne, d: 31 Jan 1865 in IA,

............2 William Henry* Hague b: 19 Jun 1850 in RI, Jackson, Kent Co. maybe, d: 12 May 1913 in IA, Ankeny, Polk Co.   THIS IS MY DIRECT ANCESTOR (Donna Hague Wendt)

............ + Mary* Ann Williams b: 18 Sep 1860 in Wales immig 1869, m: 01 Jan 1878 in IA, Des Moines, Polk Co, d: Bet. 22–29 Jan 1946 in IA, at home 10am, Ankeny, Polk Co.

............2 James H. Hague b: 1856 in RI, d: Aft. 1893 in res 1930: maybe Los Angeles, CA

............ + Hulda Ann Pearson b: Bet. 1861–1864 in Iowa, m: 31 May 1882 in IA, Polk Co, d: 13 May 1938 in IA, Page County. Iowa State Hospital - insane

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